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Paint Supply

Engineered Paint System Design

  • Graco P-Mix
  • Circulation Piping Design
  • Pump Module Construction

Paint Supply Systems

Circulation System Installation

  • Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
  • Welded, Swagelok™, Lokring™
  • 1-Pipe, 2-Pipe, 3rd Line, Branch Line

Piping Network Engineering

  • Critical design data is used for piping network designs
  • For most automotive and industrial finishing systems using solvent based materials, a velocity of 60 FPM in the main piping is utilized
  • Systems are designed around specific velocity requirements.
  • Velocities through paint spray stations will range from 30 to 50 fpm
  • Fluid velocity is controlled through the careful selection of piping sizes and supply volume
  • Engineering of the entire network provides consistent results with minimal settling issues

Custom Engineered Applications

  • Man lift mounted mixing equipment substantially reduces flushing time and waste



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